NDA full form

The meaning off NDA are also different in so many fields.

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So i will be provide you all NDA full form in my artical.

NDAIndian Ministry of
National Defence Academy
NDAPoliticalNon-Democratic Alliance
NDAAlliance of Indian
Political Parties
National Democratic Alliance
NDABankingNet Domestic Asset
NDAComputer and
Non-Disclosure Agreement
NDAMedicalNew Drug Application
NDAMedicalNext Doctor Appointment
NDAMedicalNo Data Available
NDADentalNational Dental Association
NDADentalNevada Dental Association
NDADentalNebraska Dental Association
NDAMessagingNot Doing Anything
NDACountry SpecificNational District of Atal
NDAAirport CodeBandanaira
NDAPhysics RelatedNuclear Decommissioning
NDAAcadmic & scienceNational Deaf Academy
NDAAcadmic & scienceNational Defense Academy
NDAAcadmic & scienceNational Design Academy
NDASportsNiagara Divers Association
NDASportsNeutral Discipline Arbitrator
NDASportsNotre Dame Academy
NDAMilitary and Defence National Defense Area
NDAMilitary and Defence No Detectable Activity
NDAGovernmentalNational Disability Authority
NDAGovernmentalNo Deal Alternative
NDAGovernmentalNope, Doesn't Apply
NDAGovernmentalNational Deer Alliance
NDACommunityNational Dance Association
NDACommunityNational Dart Association
NDACommunityNational Demolition
NDACommunityNational Drilling Association 
NDAOrganizationsNational Diabetes
NDAComputingNow Don't Ask
NDAAgricultureNebraska Department of
NDADevelopmentNation Development Agenda

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