Ltr full form

The meaning of LTR are also different in so many fields.

Pepols are also search in google, yahoo,bing and other search engine networks. like ltr full form, ltr full form in medical, ltr full form in service, ltr full form in land, ltr full form in unix, ltr hotel meaning full form of ltr in science and much more other search in internet.
so i will provide all ltr long forms in my artical.

LTRInformation Technology      Left-to-Right
LTRNetworkingLong Terminal Repeat
LTRIndian Railway StationLAKHTAR
LTRSoftwaresLong Terminal Repeats
LTRMessagingLong Term Relationship
LTRSpace ScienceLetter
LTRAirport CodeLetterken
LTRSportsLearn To Ride
LTRLoad Task RegisterComputer Assembly
LTRLogical Trunked RadioMilitary and Defence
LTRLight Tactical RifleMilitary and Defence
LTRMedicalLong Terminal Repeat
LTRComputer AssemblyLoad Task Register
LTRGovernmentloop transfer recovery
LTRNYSE SymbolLoews Corporation
LTROtherLiberty Training Rifle
LTROtherLogic Trunked Radio
LTREnvironmentalLearn To Return
LTRResearchLanguage Teaching
LTRLibrariesLibrary Theory and
LTREducationalLearning To Rank

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