LLB full form

The meaning off LLB are also different in so many fields.

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So i will be provide you all LLB full form in my artical.

SHORT FORM                         IN FIELDFULL FORM
LLBEducational Degree in Law Bachelor of Law
LLBAcademic digreesLatin: Legum Baccalaureus
LLBEducational DegreeLegum Baccalaureus (bachelor
of Law)
LLBTelecommunicationLine Loopback
LLBInternetLet's Learn Biology
LLBSoftwaresLow Level Bootloader
LLBMessagingLotsa Luck, Buddy
LLBMessagingLong-legged Beauty
LLBPhysics RelatedLaboratoire Leon Brillouin
LLBStock ExchangeLiechtensteinische Landesbank Aktiengesellschaft
LLBMedicalLeft Lateral Bending
LLBMedicalLong Leg Brace
LLBDentalLower Left B (lateral incisor
baby tooth)
LLBSportsLittle League Baseball
LLBMilitary and
Lots of Little Bullets
LLBMusicLos Lonely Boys
LLBTransportationLeft Lane Bandit
LLBMediaLast Lunar Baedeker
LLBCommunityLearning of Life Begins

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