GIF full form

The meaning off GIF are also different in so many fields.

Pepols are also search in google, yahoo,bing and other search engine networks. like GIF full form, full form of GIF, GIF full form in whatsapp, GIF full form in computer, & much more other search in internet.

So i will be provide you all GIF full form in my artical.

Graphics Interchange Format
GIFFile TypeGraphics Interchange Format
GIFFile TypeGraphical Interchange Format
GIFFile TypeCompuserve Graphics Interchange Format Bitmap Graphics File
GIFInternetGreatest Inteligence Formation
GIFIndian Railway StationGANI DHAM HALT
GIFMilitaryGuidance Integrated Fuze
GIFSpace ScienceGeospatial Innovation Facility
GIFAcadmic ScienceGeneral Image Format
GIFAirport CodeWinter Haven (fl)
GIFStock ExchangeGuaranteed Investment Fund
GIFFunnyGoodie, It's Free
GIFDevlopmentGet It First
GIFwebsideGreat Internet Fun
GIFJournalsGlobal Impact Factor
GIFJournal BusinessGrowth and Innovation
GIFFundsGlobal Innovation Fund
GIFMathematicsGood Integral Function
GIFMedicalGlycosylation Inhibiting Factor
GIFMedicalGrowth Inhibitory Factor

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